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The Novelists Concert Video


Buel is a singer and songwriter who started to sing her own vocal melodies with nonsense words to her organ's beats at an early age. She built her artistry on her influences of classical music, ballet and literature. As a keen writer, many  of  Buel's  poems, essays and  stories evolved to become workable lyrics to her music.

Buel is a self-taught musician. She began to hone her stage and performance skills with a rock band she joined during her school years. Throughout Buel's time working with the band, this became her training ground. Buel composed and wrote plenty of songs, which encouraged her to turn professional and pursue her solo career in music. 

Buel's debut EP is planned to be out in the late 2015. The song Peace of Mind is her first single to be digitally published worldwide along with a music video which was directed by Buel herself.

The Novelists



Reno-based lyrical rock band The Novelists formed in July 2011 when four singer-songwriter friends came together to share the benefits of writing and performing as an ensemble. Since the group’s inception, The Novelists have toured extensively throughout the United States and released the band’s debut album, "Backstory". Backstory infuses four-part harmonies into a backdrop of “pop folk” highlighted by collaborative artistry, creative melodies and songwriting filled with imaginative storytelling. Their sophomore release entitled "Book One" brings you a more refined signature sound

and Novelistic story telling experience. The new CD called “Breaking the Script” is out now. Purchase “Breaking the Script” at “thenovelists.com”.  The Novelists are Justin Kruger, Zack Teran, Joel Ackerson and Eric Andersen.

Notable performances include: Cowboys Stadium (Dallas, TX), Americana Music Festival (Virginia City, NV), Black Potato Music Festival (Clinton, NJ), Watsonville Strawberry Festival (Watsonville, CA), The Knitting Factory (Reno, NV), Shank Hall (Milwaukee, WI – w/guest musician Daryl Stuermer of Genesis), Swallow Hill (Denver, CO), The Living Room (NY, NY), Strawberry Music Festival (Camp Mather bordering Yosemite National Park, CA), California Worldfest (Grass Valley, CA)

Out of Reno, Nevada, alt-rock group The Novelists are proud to present their new video for upbeat track “Morris and Estelle.”

This love story is the first track off of The Novelists’s new album, Breaking the Script.  As it turns out, the story behind the song is what initially brought the band together, who may not have begun writing music seriously without this story of Morris and Estelle.

The band breathes life into the tale of an elderly couple who have been married for nearly fifty years; they are forced to make an impossible decision when Morris is diagnosed with a painful degenerative disorder.  Do they face the disorder head on, or do they take matters into their own hands?  The answer may surprise you . . .

With this video, with this song, The Novelists show that growing old is not a tragedy in the slightest. In fact, growing old – especially with your best friend – is a true blessing.  We can all but hope for a love as strong as Morris and Estelle’s.

Breaking the Script is out now.

               The Novelists Tour Dates:

Fri 8/01 at 1:00 PM
The Beacon
South Lake Tahoe,California
Age Limit: All Ages
Fri 8/01 at 8:00 PM
Age Limit: All Ages
Sat 8/02 at 8:30 PM
Carson Station
Age Limit: 21+  |  Tickets: Free
Sun 8/03 at 3:00 PM
Age Limit: All Ages  |  Tickets: Free
Fri 8/15 at 8:30 PM
Carson Station
Age Limit: All Ages
Sat 8/16 at 6:00 PM
The Reno Ace's Ballpark
Age Limit: 21+  |  Tickets: TBA
Fri 9/05 at 8:00 PM
Reno, Nevada
Age Limit: 21+
Sat 9/06 at 8:00 PM
Reno, Nevada
Age Limit: 21+
Sat 9/20 at 5:00 PM
Age Limit: All Ages  |  Tickets: TBA
Sat 10/25 at 4:30 PM
University of Nevada
Age Limit: All Ages


PA`R (Pronounced "Pear" is a family nickname, short for Paris) was born  in Columbus, Ohio February 24th. Raised by her Grandma "Ruth" she was openly exposed to the performing Arts at a young age. Ruth took PA'R to plays, ballets and enthusiastically introduced her to classic films such as "The Temptations", "The 5 Heart Beats" and their all time favorite "Whats love got to do with it”.

By the age of 12 PA’R had a burning desire to no longer “Watch” what she loved, but “Do” what she loved. 

One inspired summer morning, Paris grabbed the yellow pages and called every theatre she could find. After countless calls, she stumbled across “The Columbus Children's Theatre”, who were casting kids her age for the hilarious christmas show “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”. Unfortunately PA`R(s) excitement didn’t last long because her audition didn’t go well. Immediately discouraged, she asked the director for her headshot back, assuming he was not going to cast her.

To her surprise he declined and offered an added role, it was one line “Yes Mrs. Beverly” . The statement “There are no small parts only small actors” never made more sense and created a confidence that led to more prominent roles in “The Music Man” “Robin Hood” “Christmas Crisis in Mistletoe Mesa” and others…..

Theatre was just the beginning for the budding star. PA’R picked up dance classes and began writing music. Loving it so much she picked up a dance minor in college. After transferring from ASU to Otterbein she met two guys (A hip hop artist and vocalist) the chemistry was so good they became a trio and named themselves “Liberti Movement”. Feeling unstoppable the trio auditioned for “XFACTOR" (2011) and made it all the way to Hollywood’s bootcamp. After being eliminated the trio became a singing duo and renamed themselves “Libertye”.

Libertye headlined 2 China tours (2013-2014), recieved months of syndicated radio spins for their single “Lose Control” and performed/ networked with many Hollywood clubs, Events and celebrities. After a solid 3 year run, the Duo split due to creative differences and PA`R began her solo venture. 

Changing her name (formally TokioPear) it was important that in her transition from duo to solo artist everything was authentic. Everything needed to be simply Paris.

While starting a new venture can be scary PAR is preparing herself for the journey. Currently working on her "Single" its only a matter of time before the world knows the Tina Turnerinspired entertainer "PA`R"