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                                          Ron Pease

           GRACE Revival

Aztek Records is dedicated to helping you capture your music and bring it to the world with all your creativity and the highest quality around!! Based on a simple strategy of helping artists thrive and grow by working one on one with each artist to reach their goals and create a clear path to success. Aztek Records believes that by building a grassroots foundation and continually expanding your fan base, reaching out into new territories, can lead you to a promising ,fulfilling career.

Aztek Records was founded by Producer/ Engineer Ron Pease, owner of Refraze Recording Studios in Dayton Ohio. Classically trained on piano, he also continued on as lead guitarist and vocalist for several bands in the LA area. As a musician, Ron has played in bands from Dayton to Nashville and Atlanta to LA. His experience on the road as well as in studios across the country gives him a vast knowledge base to rely upon.  


                        Refraze Recording Studios 
                                                                    *Celebrating our 26th Anniversary*

Refraze Studios, Dayton, Ohio, offers analog and digital recording, mixing, mastering and producing music for: Rock Bands, , Solo artists, Choirs, Industrial, A/V, Audio for Video, Motion Picture, Theatrical and Broadcast Productions. All genres of music are regularly recorded including all styles of rock, metal,alternative, hardcore, techno, country, gospel, rap, hip-hop, choirs, orchestras, you name it.

Refraze Studios is a full service recording facility. Since 1984 Refraze has operated under the philosophy that quality is our priority.

We provide our artists and clients with 2 creative, comfortable studios.

STUDIO A offers analog and digital recording, mixing, and mastering, featuring an L.E.D.E. control room equipped with a warm Trident 80B console with Uptown moving fader automation.
It also has Otari analog tape machines, Digidesign Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel recording, Waves Platinum Plug-ins, Genelec Monitors . Studio A also has an outstanding array of outboard gear and a full compliment of contemporary and vintage microphones.

STUDIO B is our Digital Suite featuring Protools,  Sonar, and many other recording and editing programs. It is the perfect room for Vocals , MIDI production, mastering, overdubbing, composing and editing.

Refraze Studios provides the expertise of its professional engineers and producers, composers, arrangers, and even a conductor. They are also experienced with all aspects of recording, mixing and mastering, producing, writing and orchestrating music for film, theatrical and broadcast productions, industrial pieces and jingles.

Those of you already familiar with Refraze Studios know the degree of professionalism that our clients are accustomed to. Client satisfaction, coupled with the finest gear available, describes our distinctive twenty-one year history of successful operations.