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If you are my client, I bring every resource and creative thought I have to benefit your career. You have the talent. I will bring the business, legal, marketing and strategic experience to advance your cause. If there is a finacial issue, I will help you find the solution to make the project happen. The bottom line is that it takes team work to make the dream work, I am the ultimate team player!

If you are an Artist and can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions then you will benefit from the expertise of 

TAO Entertainment Network.

  1. Your career is not where you think it should be.
  2. You’re feeling lost in the crowd.
  3. You’d like management with results-driven, fresh ideas.
  4. You want to be a part of the 21st century music business.
  5. You want a team on your side who loves your work and goes to the ends of the earth to materialize success for


I offer Artist and Entertainment Management services for success driven people. I’d be happy to talk with you to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Contact me to schedule a conversation. [email protected] 

Here is a snap shot of a resume that spans over 40 years:

To provide professional and competent work in The Music and Entertainment Industries. Television Production,Film, Promotions, Artist Management and consulting.
The Art Institute of Dallas, BAA Graduate 9/90, (Dallas, TX.)
Wright State University Theater Arts Major/Film- 1978/1980. (Dayton, OH.)
Employment History:
TAO Entertainment Network : CEO/ as consultant/advisor for recording artist and actor Mary Bridget Davies. (2013)  Nik West as part of her management team. 2/12 to 4/12.
Self Employed as a musician for various projects in Reno and Las Vegas, NV.  June –November 2010
Touring Musician from 2001-2009 with various projects.
Published Science Fiction Writer and Author "Vicious Writer's Magazine, The Intergalactic Medicine Show, The Sci-Fi Almanac, Sci-Fi Talk 2007- Still Freelance from time to time."

* Publicist and Booking Agent with The Tenacious Dog Agency and Media. July 2002 to March 2006.
Agency services publicity, artist management, booking and entertainment consulting. I was responsible for all these services at various times.

* Media Distribution, Marketing and Publicist for Satellite Records Canada. Oct. 2004 to Apr. 2005
Working as an independent contractor in distributing media information about Satellite Records
recording artists Chiwawa for various promotional events and projects.
Music industry and Marketing consultant to Key Media Music Group, NYC. Oct. 2004 to Apr. 2005

* Vice President of Artist Relations Region Rock Multimedia, LLC. Jan. 2003 to Aug. 2004
Duties include being the client’s first line of contact with Region Rock as it pertains to concerts, publicity, interviews and promotion. I was the mediator and problem solver.
 I was the music business advisor to the C.E.O. Robert W. Kerr and Senior V.P. Thomas Sabella.

* Publicist for recording artist Robin Stone and Alexis Antes on She Loves You Records, April 2002- June 2006. This was part time.
Duties include organizing street teams, writing and issuing press releases, creating press worthy publicity. Set up interviews for print, radio and television. Creative consulting for  bios and other media kit info. I also toured with Robin Stone as her bassist for eight years. I also played bass for Alexis Antes on various tour dates, Dates between the two included dates with Sarah McLaughlin, Lyle Lovett, James Taylor and Tracy Chapman to name a few. 

* Undercover Records, July 2001 to July 2002. Duties are multi-faceted. Started as a Talent Scout, and then moved to promotions and publicity. I performed these duties as Promotional Coordinator and Publicist, got promoted to Director of Artist Relations. In this capacity, I was required to utilize problem solving, mediation and negotiation skills. In addition, assist in fundraising events and helping to developing UCR’S fundraising program.

* Playhouse Square and the Cleveland Playhouse July 2000- August 2001. Arts Marketing Representative. These duties entailed creative marketing, promotions, subscription packages and telephone sales all to a targeted demographic.

Creative Talent Management, Inc. November 1997-July 1999. Agent & Talent Scout. Sought out extras for network television and feature film projects and part of the damage control team.
Clients included Jessica Hahn and Jennifer Flowers. Television projects included “Homicide Life on the Street” Films included “Dave”, “Species” and “Species II” McLean, VA.

* Nest Entertainment March 1996-October 1997. Customer Service Representative. Duties included video order processing. Dallas, TX. (Part Time)

* Super Center Entertainment July 1993 - April 1995. Projects for this video distribution company included, video processing, retail outlet liquidation. Major clients included Wal-Mart and K-Mart, as well as independent distributors. Dallas, TX.

* South East Tele-productions June 1990- October 1993. Duties were E.N.G. Operator, Audio Tech and Floor Director and Production Assistant for the “21 Texas Jamz” television show in Dallas, Texas. This was part of my independent contract work. My contract was with UPN/Paramount Television. Dallas, TX.
Independent Television Producer September 1989-October 1992. Co- produced “The American Music Spotlight”, which was a music video show designed to break new product into the South West Markets for Polygram Records. Dallas, TX.

* Brass Tiger Entertainment Network/Smart Music Group September 1990- October 1998. This was my independent contract business that was very multi-faceted. This ranged from consulting, contract negotiations, tour support, audio and video production, studio session work, market research, and music publishing. Clients included New Kids on the Block, Soul Savivas, Sara Hickman and Michelle Shocked. Dallas, TX.

* North Star Entertainment January 1981-September 1986. I was the Promotional Coordinator. Duties entailed overseeing everything dealing with the media, print, radio and television. I was also the creative consultant for the Emmy Award winning “Summer Nights” television show CBS affiliate WHIO Ch. 7 in Dayton, Ohio.

The Science Fiction Almanac /Nomination 2011
The Cleveland Free Times Music Award 2001 & 2007 as part of the Robin Stone Band.
“The Michelob Mid-West Music Award” 1986
The U.S. Air Force accommodation for the “Tops in Blue” music program for two years
Billboard Video Award nomination 1990/ Alison Moyet/ Columbia Records (video production)

         Tiger Taj Sonchai

Creator and author of the science fiction series "The Black Mau Chronicles".


     "The Black Mau Chronicles"

            "The TAU of MAU"


           Tiger Taj Sonchai

Produced by the TSOTSM Committee


       Star Date Earth: 2093*

As I listen to the rat-tat-tat of Joshua Von Strader's guard's rapid fire from their automatic weapons, I realize that our situation is not good. Not because Von Strader is the most dangerous intergalactic terrorist in the world, not because he has fooled the world into thinking he was Jesus Christ returned to save human kind, more like the Anti-Christ! Surely not because his armed guard has my crew penned down in the middle of the Grand Canyon in an underground bunker. And not because at this given moment I have no idea how we are going to get the first lady of the United States out of here alive, after being kidnapped by Von Strader. But simply, just the timing of things which are about to transpire almost simultaneously. I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm going to finesse my way out of this one. This is the situation...I have a six man team including me. Oh...I'm Mau by the way and I'm the team captain. My team is specifically called the "Mauyun". The name goes way back to ancient Ajna, my home planet and there isn't time to get in to all of that right now, but bear with me. We are so pressed for time right now that this mission is almost futile. Dilemma number one, this bunker that we are trapped in is about to self destruct in three minutes. Dilemma number two, We have to get the first lady and my team above ground in time for the global gathering. The earth will be destroyed because it is over run with Viscerians, which are nasty, deadly, humans infected with a virus of an extraterrestrial nature. The building blocks of the virus actually came from the DNA of my blood ancestor who is actually a God. Somehow Von Strader got possession of the strain and created the "Viscera Syndrome". There are Viscera clans on every continent on the earth. These infected people are worse than your vampires and zombies. They are super human, smart, they are fast and they will feed on your intestines like they were chitterlings and drink your spinal fluid as if it were an after dinner Merlot. Humans are being captured and harvested for food. The only thing I know of as bad are the Xenomorphs, which are extinct for the sake of Lysymba! The only way to eradicate Viscera Syndrome is to destroy the planet with what the Earth's authorities call a death fog that will cover the planet.

The U.S. Government in coordination with all the governments of this planet agreed to implant nuclear fog bombs, strategically all over this planet. They are set for detonation in two minutes. Hopefully this will insure their demise. The plan is that the Arck will gather three billion humans and keep them in stasis until Neo~Genesis has completed generating a new planet for them to inhabit that supports human life. This is an intergalactic Noah's Ark so to speak. This huge undertaking is being implemented by my home government The Federated Planetary Alliance, of which the new planet whatever it will be called is now a member all signed, sealed and delivered by the leaders of Earth and the FPA. That's it in a nutshell. I hope everyone is up to speed!

"The Shake"

"Blood Sweat & Fist"

by Tiger Taj Sonchai

Chapter one:

In studio "B" of the Satellite News Network the host of "Inside the Gladiator's Den" Ron Yamamoto, who is a former three time MMA world heavy weight champion,  turned sports anchor, is about to interview the number one fight promoter on or off planet, Donna Queen. In 3, 2, 1...."Donna Queen, The Queen "B" as she is known throughout the pugilistic sports realm." Yamamoto smiles sheepishly at Queen.  "Ron don't be shy, we go way back. I've even promoted some of your fights and I've made you quite rich and famous doing so! You were known as the "Yamamoto Dragon" Doing that dragon crawl into the ring and breathing fire. You really intimidated your opponents with that piece of showmanship. The fans loved it!" Donna Queen gave back a perfect white toothed smile at Ron Yamamoto. Her bright blue eyes twinkle with excitement!

"Yeah Donna those were the days. It's sad that we gotta get old!" Queen began to chuckle...

 "We? Speak for yourself old head, this Queen is still in her professional prime and I still look good doing it!" Both are laughing in light of the moment.

 "I can't argue with you there Donna. Nothing has really changed about you...you still even wear that crazy beehive hairdo you've worn since you have been in the fight game."

"My hairdo is the trademark of a successful business woman that has clawed her way up to the top of this game and I have brought others up with me like you and Aveeso Quake, just to mention."

 "Aveeso Quake, we'll talk about the " All Fours Master's Title holder" in just a second. Tell us about your new reality show "Blood , Sweat and Fist". Donna Queen eases back in her chair and crosses her long statuesque legs. Donna Queen, though in her mid-fifties is quite attractive. The woman pushed the limits of fashion sense and wore her hair in the strangest way. She called her hair style "The Queen's Crown".  Her logo was a crown over a stylized letter "B". Queen often stated that the crown represented that she was a Queen, fight royalty and the "B" means that she is the Queen bitch in charge! Though no one would say it publicly Donna Queen is a gangster... one full of charm and grace. It's also said that she can be as deadly as she is charming, this is all conjecture of course.

 "Ron, I am the executive producer of a reality show that is designed to bring new All Fours Boxing contenders into the spot light, because they are the future of this industry."

 "Donna, for people who may not know the difference between "All Fours" and "Traditional Boxing", tell us, what is "All Fours Boxing"?

"I'm happy to explain...All Fours is a new hybrid of traditional Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. It got the name "All Fours" because the fighter can use all of their physical assets, hands, arms, elbows, and feet. Unlike Mixed Martial Arts, there is no ground fighting or grappling in "All Fours". There is also, as there has always been in boxing, no head butting and no biting, etc. Ron, we have evolved the sport of professional boxing. We have given it more of an edge, yes it's a little more dangerous, but a little less dangerous than MMA. The major difference is that MMA is fought on the ground Brazilian Jujitsu style, A4 is basically, aside from personal fouls like head butting, punching the groin, biting, under the ten point must system we use...It's about the last man standing. This season's show will only focus on the "Heavy Weight Division" due to time constraints.

 Blood, Sweat and Fist is a tournament which consist of sixteen fighters, I choose to call them gladiators. They will go through the elimination process until we have a winner. The winner will be awarded $250,000 and a new street to air vehicle provided by Tesla Automotive Technologies.

"Now Ron, here is the kicker! The winner of "Blood, Sweat and Fist" will get to face the reigning A4 Heavy Weight Champion Aveeso Quake for the title and a five million dollar pay day!

"How did you manage to get Aveeso Quake to agree to a title fight with some unknown, unranked contenders? How did you get the World Boxing Commission to agree for that matter?" Yamamoto inquired.

 "Ron, you can't be in this business as long as I have and not have some political capital to spend. Queen said assuredly. This show Blood, Sweat and Fist and the reward at the end will put these contenders in the rankings. The exposure they will receive will put the winner of the tournament center stage!  Hell...it may even make them a household name!"

"Donna, there has been some grumbling among the professionally ranked fighters, don't you think having Aveeso Quake fight the winner of Blood, Sweat and Fist in an exhibition match might be more acceptable to them?"

"This is a Rocky story. The world loves a good story... of an individual facing the odds to potentially make a dream come true. We all have dreams Ron. You have a dream, I have a dream, and even Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream! Those other fighters won't lose their ranking. They will get to fight the winner! This deal is signed, sealed and about to be delivered in about a year from now on this network."

"There it is! Straight from the Queen's mouth..."Blood, Sweat and Fist airs Sunday. Check your local TV listings for times. Thank you Donna Queen for being here." Yamamoto reaches over to shake Donna Queen's hand.

Queen replies, "Thanks for having me." Then Queen unexpectedly pulls Yamamoto toward her and plants a big kiss on his lips. Ron is taken by surprise. The camera fades.

When the director yells cut, Queen quickly starts pulling the microphone from the lapel of her suit and stands "Ron how was that?" Yamamoto stands and is adjusting his tie, looking a bit disheveled.

"Donna, you are full of surprises! Donna walks away, tilting her head back with a laugh reminiscent of the late Phyllis Diller. Yamamoto whispers to his camera man...Man that is one crazy bitch!"

"Yelling from the back of the studio "I heard that Ron! Turn your fucking microphone off if you are going to talk about me when I leave the room!"




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1997 became a certified Reiki Master